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Ayurveda Cooking Classes

Ayurveda gives importance to preservation of health. To preserve health, What you eat forms one of the basic requirements. Join and learn The Basic Ayurveda cooking classes to take control of your health better.

Benefits of this course
1. Less students in each batch to ensure individual attention and customization of diet.
2. Printed notes at the end of the course.
3. Certificate from Ayurclinic on the successful completion of the course.
4. Free online support for 6 months regarding queries on Ayurveda Cooking and Ayurveda Diet.
5. Hands on practical training plus theoretical information.

Total = 35 hours
Theory=2 lectures of 90minutes per day
Practical = 1 session of 120minutes per day

23-November-2015 to 29-November-2015
01-February-2016 to 07-February-2016

1. Introduction to Ayurveda, Ayurveda Diet and Cooking
2. The three Doshas
3. Concept of Dhatu, Mala, Indriya, Mana.
4. Prakruti Parikshana (Body Constitution Analysis)
5. Concept of Traya-upasthamba (basics of health).
6. The Rasas - 6 tastes and its effect on health.
7. Concept of Guna(qualities), Virya (Potency), Prabhava (Effects) of Foods.
8. Eating as per Body Type.
9. Eating as per seasons and health conditions.
10. Viruddha Ahaar (Incompatible foods)

1) Indian Rice items
2) Indian curries
3) Indian breakfast item
4) Vegetables
5) Soups
6) Ayurvedic Drinks
7) Ayurvedic Teas
8) Indian Deserts - Sweet Dish
9) Chutney – Indian sauces
10) Indian Snacks/ Fryums

• We also conduct 3 to 5 days “Customized Ayurveda cooking classes” for smaller groups to suit the needs and schedule of our clients. It includes demonstrations and practicals of cooking with printed notes as per the curriculum. Please enquire if interested for the same.
• Schedule of the Theory and Practical classes is subject to change.